Archaea & MIcrobiota
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Welcome into the microbial world of Archaea
thriving within the human gut microbiota 

last news The host-associated archaeome review in Nature Reviews Microbiology is on-line

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Les archaebiotics à l'honneur dans "La Recherche" n°532 - Février 2018
Welcome to you!
The aim of this website is to provide informations about specific and largely unknown microbes, ARCHAEA. Some are part of our microbiome, and live with / inside / on us, forming our ARCHAEOME. Through our research works, a more detailed attention is given to methanogenic Archaea: their known function in our intestinal microbiota is also described.
The content of this site implies only people who contribute to it, and not gouvernemental institutions that fund it. 

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are some of them beneficial to our health?

Archaea have some unique metabolic properties, not found anywhere across other life beings. Among the ones found in the human gut, some have a specific biological activity that could be used to prevent some important pathologies. 

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